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If you create a EGSL game using the included tool makeexe, the source code will ne bound on the EGSL program file. This creates a self executeable game file.

At the moment i create this tutorial, the source code does not compressed or encrypted during building process, so you can read out the source code using some shell tools.

First we need to know how many lines of code are in the game. To do this we use the shell tool wc (Word Count):

wc -l /Path/to/EGSL-Game

To know how many lines have the source code we need to know the value of lines of the EGSL program file. For the two current available versions of EGSL you can found the value of lines in the next section of this tutorial. If you need to know a not listed version, get the value of line using wc too.

  • EGSL 1.5.3: 7839 Lines
  • EGSL 1.6.0: 8041 Lines

Now we need to read out the source code:

tail -n line-value /Pfad/zum/EGSL-Spiel 

With the shell tool tail we read out the source code lines from the EGSL game. Enter the determined value at line-value.

Now, copy the source code out of the Terminal and write them into a new test file.

 Translation by Christian Albrecht, Juni 2013
Tutorial by Christian Albrecht, Juni 2013
Made available BeSly, the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base.