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 yab FAQ               



               What is yab?               
               The yab interpreter is a basic dialect and a further development of yabasic. Yabasic is available for Windows, Linux and Playstation2. Yab is optimized for Haiku, BeOS and ZETA and therefore contains many additional commands. Past version 1.7 yab does not support BeOS and Zeta OS any more.               
               Yab is a development project of Jan__64.               
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               What can i do with yab?               
               Yab is a easy to learn development language. It is very easy to create small and even complex programs. A good example is the in ZETA OS included burning application JABA.               

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               Where can i get it?               



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               Where i can find tutorials?               
               You can find many tutorials on the BeSly the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base. Many tutorials are available in several languages.               
               Here is a small selection of them:               











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               How to communicate with other developers?               
               There are a lot of options to communicate with other deveolpers. There are mailing lists, forums and ICR channels:               
               Mailing lists               



               IRC Channels               



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               Where are many programs developed in yab?               
               You can find a list of released yab programs on  BeSly.               
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FAQ by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) May 2012

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