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System: Haiku, Zeta

The Tracker Add-On AttrLinkOption checked the attributes of a selected file and prepares the data for output in a browser.

If your music files, for example, have an attribute called Audio:Artist, the add-on can use this information for a link to an Internet address (for example: Wikipedia).

How exactly the add-on use the attributes of a file, can be set up in the settings.



attrlink install

Get the Add-On from Elmstreet Soft and unpack the downloaded archive file.

Copy or Move the file AttrLOption_H (*_H stands for Haiku, *_Z stands for Zeta) to /boot/home/config/add-ons/Tracker

Before you can use the add-on, it must be selected once directly via a double-click. Here, a settings file is created, which is required for the operation of the add-on.

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How to apply the add-on?

AttrLOption is executed like any add-ons by right-clicking with the mouse.

Select a file with the right mouse button and go over Add-Ons on AttrLOption_H.

The add-on will show the options that are available on this file (For the tutorial, we have an audio file (MP3) used).

If you now press on one of the buttons, it opens the default browser with the associated web address.

In the case of this tutorial, you have here now the possibility to get information about the artist to see the lyrics or sale offers on Also videos on are offered.

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To enter the settings, choose the add-on easily without selecting a file.

In the settings you can make various settings for the respective information fields.

With Select you can choose the part of information you want to set up.

I will not go into every single shot here. Just check out the related settings and change them if you do not agree with their default values.

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Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) May 2014
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base